Quattrocento volte Otello


Year: 2014
Duration: 65'
Type: biographical documentary

Director: Riccardo De Cal

Co-production: Studio Due


The famous conductor Claudio Abbado. Master Giusto Pio. The soprano Laura Londi. But also Tarcisio Florian and Natalino Squizzato, peasants. And yet, the students. It is with their help, and with the help of others, famous and less famous, that the film brings to life the figure and the story of Pier Miranda Ferraro, authentic dramatic tenor, one of the largest Othello of our time.

The costumes, the posters. The letters. The photos. The unreleased films in Super 8 and audio recordings. Starting from the town of Altivole, the hometown, to Milan, to the school which he founded before his disappearance. Through the Conservatory Benedetto Marcello in Venice, the travels around the world, the experience as a teacher, 30-year career in the Olympus of the great interpreters, to tread the stages at the side of the most eminent figures in the world of bel canto.
Retrace a life, evoking recalling, from person to person, from age to age, digging in the memories and in the folds of time, on a journey which is also a discovery of the world of opera.