Cabiria is a film production company based in Asolo, Treviso (Italy).


Cabiria makes films and documentary films, video installations for exhibitions, events and theater productions, video art, corporate films, commercials and advertising films with an authorial approach, open and disconnected from fashion and time, and therefore eternally contemporary.


We believe in the strength and beauty of evocative and mysterious images, suspended in time. The passion, the cult of art and art films, the cure of the images and the visual and sound impact, are the foundations of our creative process.

Our productions have been presented in numerous contexts, including: the Venice Art Biennale, the Venice Architecture Biennale and the Venice Film Festival, numerous national and international film festivals, and prestigious national and international museums, such as the Grand Hornu Images Museum in Belgium, Palazzo Grassi - Fondation Pinault in Venice, Rome's Maxxi museum, the Musee des Arts Decoratifs of Bordeaux and the Soane Museum in London curated by the Royal Institute of British Architects, in addition to Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Salone del Mobile and Milan Triennale.

Cabiria has also collaborated with major organizations and foundations, including the Veneto Region, the Benetton Foundation, FAI, Querini Stampalia Foundation, CISA Palladio, Public Entertainment Foundation (FEdS).

The name Cabiria comes from the most famous silent film of Italian history, written by Gabriele D'Annunzio and directed by Giovanni Pastrone in 1914.
Cabiria, "born of fire", was a very ambitious film: Pastrone was able to connect in a single film references to painting, music, literature, theater, combining the needs of a popular show to those of bourgeois culture.
Visual inventions are continuous and rich.