La scarzuola


project for a documentary film


The inspiration was born from the idea to dedicate the film to the figure and work of Tomaso Buzzi, among the greatest Italian architects of the last century, and especially to that work of extraordinary architectural ingenuity and artistic intuition, which is his "cittadella" known as the Scarzuola, to Montegiove. In a part of Umbria of untouched beauty, hidden by greenery and prying eyes, this wonderful artifact is inside the Franciscan monastery of Scarzuola, and is recognized as the epitome of the entire professional and artistic career of the great Milanese architect. His dream atmosphere, theatrical, of new set design and set ruinous, had kindled the imagination of Tonino Guerra, enough to make him feel the need to translate into images the magic of this place, culture and beauty treasure that deserves to be valued and known.
Thus was born the idea of ​​a documentary film, which Tonino Guerra wanted directed by Riccardo De Cal
: a journey through images, from this extraordinary place to wander widely in the surrounding area of ​​Orvieto and Terni.