Hortus conclusus

Year: 2008
Duration: 30'
Type: documentary art - architecture

Director: Riccardo De Cal


The cinema is perhaps the best way to tell an architectural object: it offers the possibility to move in space, it lets to hear sounds, it allows an almost total involvement of the senses. Of no small importance is the ability to move in time, and to experience special situations that a visitor is unlikely to encounter during a short visit. In the case of this movie on Querini Stampalia (Venice), the climax coincides with the flooding of the hall of columns: the water takes possession of the space thanks to the wise water governance system invented by Carlo Scarpa. It is so that this architecture behaves like a living object, where the architectural elements blend with natural ones and the boundaries become increasingly blurred. The concrete becomes stone, that the water hollow, with the passage of time.

The film attempts to capture these "minimum" movements and the intent is to communicate gently the vital breath, that runs through these spaces; make visible, even for an instant, the soul that Master has infused his own work, trying a "camouflage" language, consistent with the architectural object and Scarpa's philosophy.