Diaologo nel tempo

Year: 2010
Duration: 40'
Type: documentary art - architecture

Director: Riccardo De Cal


The architectural adventure of Carlo and Tobia Scarpa to Monselice Palace has the breath of almost half a century, from the enlightened patronage of Aldo Businaro in the 60s to reach the double homage of Businaro children to the father, and of Tobia to Carlo Scarpa, with the recent creation of the stairway to the main floor of the residence, the last work of Professor made posthumously, nearly thirty years after his death. The story is entrusted to the images, in a location where the protagonists themselves, the Businaro family and Tobia Scarpa, are indispensable guides to rebuild the relationship, curiosities and events that occurred during the time between a family of patrons and a family of architects.