Quando l'arte si tace


Year: 2006
Duration: 60'
Type: biographical documentary - art

Director: Riccardo De Cal


The documentary sheds light on the dramatic story of the Venetian painter Gino Rossi, a key figure of the artistic world of the twentieth century. His life is reconstructed on the basis of the few pieces of direct knowledge that still persist today: the places he went through, from Venice, to Britain, to Burano, up to the provincial mental hospital in Treviso (where he died in 1947 after 21 years of hospitalization), and the few people still alive who knew him. The story is that of an artist not recognized in his time and mistreated by life, who pursued to the end, with consistency and purity, a search that anticipated the renewal of modern Italian painting. Today is considered a key figure of the twentieth century and the rightful place is among the Masters.

Awards received

  • First prize “Le mura d’oro” at the Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Arte di Bergamo 2006

  • First prize "Asolo" Best Artist Biography at the Asolo International Art Film Festival 2006