Raccolto d'inverno

Year: 2010
Duration: 40'
Type: biographical documentary - art

Director: Riccardo De Cal


Fast hands, accustomed to work, pounding, kneading, beating. The shots are now more deaf, now more precise, sound. It all starts from the raw material: the clay, rather, the "crea" as it's called in our country. And as in an initiatory path, the man, the ceramist, goes first, where everything originates: the clay pits. Clay mountains. It's a strange place, quiet, where everything has the same lunar color really looks like another planet.

Who is this silent old man, with his face framed by white curls in the form of flames, which create the impression of a Hellenistic head? Which its history of man, ceramist, artist? The film attempts a path in his life and in the symbolic place to which he devoted immense efforts: the ancient furnace Rivarotta.

Grafted on the old tradition of ceramics, he had an intuition that allowed him to discover a new way of making pottery. And it is around this intuition that the entire film takes place, going through the hassle of creating another work, through this winter is yes the winter of life, but it is a productive winter, and the crop is always the fruit of hard work, in front of which this man has never pulled back.