La chiave dell'ascensore


Year: 2011
Duration: 3'
Type: video installation

Artists: Obliquia group, with performances by Melissa Siben and Samanta Cinquini


A mask, a carousel, witnesses, an accordion. And a story told by a woman, and heard from a woman.
A cruel fable that tells of a wife kept segregated from a loving husband, victim of harassment and authentic mutilation of his body and his personality. Abuse suffered before to love and then to resignation, to the despair and to the killing of lover/tormentor husband. The monologue moves through the presence of two women dressed with a unique dress-chimes: the protagonist and a veiled presence that sew on the woman's face a wire mask.
The entanglement of wires moves, dance in the face, to cover it, to obstruct his personality, to emphasize the blindness that the woman is forced to suffer for love of her husband. A cage which is then our lives.
The urgency of the testimony is the only possible bulwark in the world of Agota Kristof, author of the text on which intertwines this collective work, this concert of many voices: sculpture, acting, dance, images, music.